Appendix 1: Community inquiries

Customer feedback

We welcome feedback from our customers through a number of channels.

During 2016‑17 the agency received 16,700 feedback submissions from customers. When providing feedback, customers self-select if their feedback is a complaint. Table 15 below shows the nature and number of these self-selected complaints received this year.

We are committed to using customer feedback to continually improve its products and services. During 2016‑17, inter-agency collaboration was strengthened resulting in positive customer outcomes through improvements to policies, procedures, website content, analytical tools on customer issues and sentiment, customer communications and awareness methods.

Table 15: Online customer complaints received in 2016‑1740
Nature of online complaint Number of complaints
Traffic management and congestion 2,724
Road maintenance 2,285
Waterways management 854
Major highways, regional roads and projects 305
Licence or registration 244
Public passenger vehicles and drivers 220
Environment 181
Safety cameras 148
Maritime property, products and services 84
Customer service 54
Heavy vehicles 48
Motorway maintenance 48
Other 44
Mobility parking 30
Cycling and cycleways 13
Tolling 12
Total 7,294
  1. Written feedback and complaints received through Ministerial, Chief Executive and other correspondence are not included in the above table.

Ombudsman inquiries

We welcome inquiries from the NSW Ombudsman as part of our commitment to continually improving our service delivery to the public.

In 2016‑17, 146 inquiries from the NSW Ombudsman were recorded, compared to 119 in 2015‑16. The inquiries received include information requests, pre-emptive referral of customer inquiries and more formal inquiries that are made when assessing a complaint. We continue to work closely with the NSW Ombudsman to proactively resolve matters and further improve customer experience.

Table 16: Ombudsman inquiries received by subject
Subject Number of inquiries
Registration 32
Licensing 30
Tolling 28
Penalty notices 12
Customer experience 6
Compliance and enforcement 5
Maintenance 5
Towing 4
Proof of identity 4
Liability claims 4
Guidelines and regulations 4
Major projects 4
Road user safety 3
Number plates 2
Driver testing 2
Mooring and boating 1
Total 146

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