List of tables and figures

Figure 1:
Roads and Maritime Services organisational structure
Table 1:
Funding sources
Figure 2:
Revenue July 2015 to June 2016
Table 2:
Figure 3:
Expenditure July 2015 to June 2016
Table 3:
Business results 2015–16
Table 4:
Total full time equivalent (FTE) employees by category
Table 5:
Representation of equal employment opportunity groups
Table 6:
Numbers and remuneration of senior executives
Table 7:
Work health and safety performance 2012–2016
Figure 4:
Electricity use in traffic signals
Figure 5:
Greenhouse gas emissions
Table 8:
Waste recovery rates
Table 9:
Threatened species recovery
Table 10:
Biodiversity projects in 2015–16
Table 11:
Premium details and claim performance on major insurance categories
Table 12:
Online customer complaints received in 2015–16
Table 13:
Media statistics
Table 14:
Ombudsman enquiries received by subject
Table 15:
Major infrastructure projects
Table 16:
NSW Maritime information by year
Table 17:
NSW boat licences by class
Table 18:
Number of Maritime licences opted in to a combined licence card
Table 19:
NSW boat licence holders by gender
Table 20:
NSW boat licence holders by age
Table 21:
NSW drivers and riders by age group as of June 2016
Table 22:
NSW drivers and riders by gender as of June 2016
Table 23:
NSW drivers and riders by licence class as of June 2016
Table 24:
NSW vehicles registered by usage as of June 2016
Table 25:
NSW vehicle registrations by type as of June 2016
Table 26:
NSW vehicles registered by manufacture year as of June 2016
Table 27:
GIPA Act applications by type of applicant and outcome
Table 28:
GIPA Act applications by type of application and outcome
Table 29:
Invalid GIPA Act applications
Table 30:
Conclusive presumption of overriding public interest against disclosure: matters listed in Schedule 1 of GIPA Act
Table 31:
Other public interest considerations against disclosure: matters listed in table to section 14 of GIPA Act
Table 32:
Timeliness of GIPA Act decisions
Table 33:
Number of applications reviewed under Part 5 of the GIPA Act by type of review and outcome
Table 34:
Applications for review under Part 5 of the GIPA Act by type of applicant
Table 35:
GIPA Act applications transferred to other agencies
Table 36:
Overseas travel – paid or partially paid for by Roads and Maritime
Table 37:
Public Interest Disclosures
Figure 6:
Waterways Fund revenue 2015–16
Figure 7:
Waterways Fund expenditure 2015–16
Table 38:
Major land disposals in 2015–16
Table 39:
Funds granted to non-government community organisations from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016
Table 40:
Accounts due or paid within each quarter
Table 41:
Accounts payment analysis by quarter
Figure 8:
WestConnex indicative corridor
Figure 9:
WDA organisational structure 1 July – 30 September 2015
Table 42:
WDA advisory Board 1 July – 30 September 2015
Table 43:
WDA senior executives 1 July – 30 September 2015

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