About us

1.1 Who we are

Roads and Maritime Services is a NSW Government delivery agency within the Transport cluster. The agency was established on 1 November 2011 under amendments to the Transport Administration Act 1988.

Transport for NSW is at the centre of the Transport cluster with responsibility for setting the strategic direction and guiding an extended network of public and private service delivery agencies to provide improved transport outcomes.

Roads and Maritime provides agreed outcomes across the road and maritime networks within the context of an integrated transport strategy.

We deliver projects and programs to reliably and safely improve the movement of people and goods by various transport modes, including through the road and freight network, NSW waterways, the public transport network and active transport such as cycling and pedestrian networks.

We manage and maintain:

More than 18,000 km of State Roads including more than 4,000 km of National Land Transport Network

46 commuter wharves

28 road tunnels

4,087 traffic signal sites and around 12,000 other traffic facilities, systems and corridor assets

Around 3,000 km of regional and local roads in the unincorporated area of NSW

5,570 bridges

12,847 km2 of navigable waterways and 2,137 km of coastline

More than 24,000 active moorings, including more than 200 courtesy moorings and more than 3,700 maritime aids to navigation

1.2 What we do

Our purpose

Enabling safe and efficient journeys throughout NSW


1 To build, manage and maintain the state road and waterway networks and assets

2 To maximise the customer benefits and service potential of our networks

3 To integrate our networks with private motorways, local roads and the broader transport system

4 To use our networks to facilitate economic and social development and growth in NSW

Our vision

To be the leader in the management and delivery of safe, efficient and high quality services and infrastructure to the community and businesses of NSW

Our values

Customer focus

We place the customer at the centre of everything we do


We value each other and create better outcomes by working together


We deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to NSW’s transport needs


We take responsibility and communicate openly


We prioritise safety for our people and our customers

1.3 Our organisational structure

Figure 1: Roads and Maritime Services organisational structure

Roads and Maritime’s organisational structure. The agency has ten divisions: Office of the Chief Executive, Corporate Programs, Infrastructure Development, Compliance and Regulatory Services, Journey Management, NSW Maritime, Asset Maintenance, Finance, Corporate and Commercial and Customer, Engagement and Planning. The 10 divisions are aligned to our core business: to build, manage, maintain and enable.
  1. Compliance and Regulatory Services has combined the former Safety and Compliance and Regulatory Reform divisions.

1.4 Roads and Maritime operations

The Roads and Maritime structure aligns our core businesses to the build, manage, maintain and enable pillars.

Build infrastructure

Roads and Maritime delivers new road and maritime infrastructure to optimise the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of our networks. This involves design, community engagement and construction work including:

Manage journeys

Roads and Maritime ensures the road and waterway networks are optimised for customer journeys in the most effective and relevant way including:

Maintain assets

Roads and Maritime plans and delivers maintenance programs for road and maritime infrastructure to optimise safety, traffic management and asset sustainability through design, stakeholder engagement, civil construction work and the delivery of maintenance services. This includes:

Support, advisory and enabling services

The Enable areas of Roads and Maritime provide support to every part of the agency. These services include:

1.5 Our Customer Charter

Roads and Maritime is committed to putting customers at the centre of everything we do. This is underpinned by our Customer Charter, which articulates our commitments.

Our commitments

We will listen and take action

We will consult and collaborate

We will make safety our priority

We will keep you informed

1.6 Our services

Providing services

Engaging the community

Responding to our customers

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