Financial overview

2.1 Roads and Maritime finances


Roads and Maritime sourced revenue primarily came from Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel tolls, rental income, external commercial services, fees for services provided, special number plate sales, advertising, maritime services and electronic tag revenue.

State funding includes motor vehicle weight taxes and direct cash allocations, Housing Acceleration Fund and Restart NSW.

Federal funding was received from the Nation Building Program and the Building Australia Fund.

Figure 2: Revenue July 2015 to June 2016
In 2015–16 Roads and Maritime had a total revenue of $6.56 billion. This is broken down as follows: State Motor Vehicle Weight Tax $1.99 billion. Revenue from the State Consolidated Fund $2.12 billion. 
Revenue from the Federal Government $1.65 billion. Revenue generate by Roads and Maritime activities $803 million
Table 1: Funding sources
Funding 2015-16 ($'m)
Motor vehicle taxes (State) 1,991
State consolidated fund allocation 2,120
State government 4,111
Federal government 1,649
Roads and Maritime revenue 803
Total 6,563

*Non-cash revenue has been excluded


Expenditure consisted of operational expenses, excluding non-cash items, incurred to achieve Roads and Maritime’s transport objectives, and capital investment to enhance the value of the road network and maritime assets.

Figure 3: Expenditure July 2015 to June 2016
In 2015–16 Roads and Maritime had a total expenditure of $6.56 billion. This is broken down as follows: Growth and improvement $3.88 billion. Asset maintenance $1.45 billion. Service and operations $1.07 billion. M5 cashback refund $99 million. and redundancy related expenses $23 million.
Table 2: Expenditure
Expenditure 2015-16 ($'m)
Growth and improvement 3,883
Asset maintenance 1,449
Services and operations 1,074
M5 cashback refund 99
Finance costs 35
Redundancy 23
Total 6,563

Roads and Maritime’s approved budget for 2016–17 is $7.2 billion.

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