9.1 Appendix 1: Community enquiries

Customer feedback

Roads and Maritime welcomes feedback on its products and services and enables customers to easily provide compliments, suggestions, complaints and other feedback through its website. During 2015-16 the agency received 17,500 online feedback submissions from customers.

When providing feedback online, customers have the option of self-selecting if their feedback is a complaint. The table below shows the nature and number of these complaints received this year.

Roads and Maritime centralised its feedback channels during the year to provide greater transparency of feedback received across the agency. This contributed to the increased number of recorded complaints received in 2015-16 compared to previous years.

In accordance with its commitment to use customer feedback to continually improve services, Roads and Maritime has implemented changes as a result of customer feedback. During 2015-16 improvements to the information provided to customers about our products and services were made on the Roads and Maritime website and on customer letter templates. Roads and Maritime is also reviewing a number of internal policies and procedures to improve service delivery to customers.

Table 12: Online customer complaints received in 2015-161
Nature of online complaint Number of complaints
Road maintenance 2,092
Traffic congestion 1,445
Traffic management 810
Waterways management 513
Licence or registration 378
Major highways, regional roads and projects 183
Online services 150
Other 98
Environment 92
Safety cameras 79
Public passenger vehicles and drivers 79
Motorway maintenance 52
Maritime property, products and services 41
Mobility parking 21
Tolling 18
Cycling and cycleways 17
Commercial vessels 17
Heavy vehicles 11
Total 6,096
  1. Written feedback and complaints received through Ministerial, Chief Executive and other correspondence are not included in the above table.

Media statistics

The table below details the number of media related activities completed in 2015-16:

Table 13: Media statistics
Media activity
Media enquiries 782
Proactive media releases 2,181
Proactive media events 101
Ministerial house folder notes 301

Ombudsman enquiries

Roads and Maritime welcomes enquiries from the NSW Ombudsman as part of our commitment to continually improving our service delivery to the public.

In 2015-16, 119 enquiries from the NSW Ombudsman were recorded, compared to 87 in 2014-15. The enquiries received represent informal requests for information and assistance in resolving matters, and more formal inquiries that are made when assessing a complaint. Roads and Maritime continues to work closely with the NSW Ombudsman to proactively resolve matters and further streamline service delivery to our customers.

Table 14: Ombudsman enquiries received by subject
Subject Number of enquiries
Tolling 29
Registration 26
Licensing 22
Penalty infringement notices 14
Customer experience 7
Proof of identity 5
Policy 3
Major projects 2
Insurance claims 2
Towing 2
Privacy and online security 2
Number plates 1
Parking 1
Enforcement 1
Guidelines/regulations 1
Maintenance 1
Total 119

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