9.13 Appendix 13: Waterways Fund

Financial overview

Roads and Maritime administers the Waterways Fund, which was established under section 42 of the Ports and Maritime Administration Act 1995.

It accounts for all revenues and expenditures associated with the boating safety, maritime property management and infrastructure functions delivered in accordance with NSW marine legislation. An independently chaired Waterways Fund Management Committee provides oversight of the integrity and transparency of the Waterways Fund and provides advice to the Chief Executive as part of the Roads and Maritime governance framework.

The Waterways Fund is subject to financial controls and monitoring to ensure the Fund receives all revenue payable to it and that expenses met by the fund accord with the governing legislation.

The main sources of revenue are from maritime property, boat driver licensing, vessel registrations, mooring fees and commercial vessel fees for National Certificates of Survey, Operation and Competency.

The operating and capital costs of the fund are incurred in delivering safety, education and compliance services to the boating public and improved maritime infrastructure.

During 2015-16 Transport for NSW provided the maritime and boating strategic policy agenda and Roads and Maritime delivered safety and education services and programs.

Information relating to the Waterways Fund is aggregated within the broader Roads and Maritime Financial Statements contained within this Annual Report. The following provides summary information on Waterways Fund revenue and expenditure during 2015-16.

Figure 6: Waterways Fund revenue 2015–16
In 2015-16 the Waterways Fund revenue totalled $107.5 million. This was made up of revenue from: Boating Registrations $27.6 million. Rents and leases $27.6 million. Boating Licences $24 million. Mooring License fees $8.8 million. Shipping channel related revenue $7.7 million. Miscellaneous revenue $10.8 million. and interest $1 million
Figure 7: Waterways Fund expenditure 2015–16
In 2015-16 the Waterways Fund revenue totalled $127.5 million. The breakdown of the expenditure is as follows: Journey Management and operations $47.4 million. Building works and infrastructure upgrades $32.5 million
Enable functions and property $24 million. Asset Maintenance $13.5 million. and Marine and Boating Grants $10.1 million

Building works and infrastructure upgrades

The Sydney Harbour Wharves Upgrade Program continued in 2015-16 at a cost of $21.3 million. The remaining $11.2 million included the Rozelle office refurbishment, Rose Bay seaplane terminal, Circular Quay ticket booth and other minor works.

Journey management and operations

Journey management represents the largest portion of Waterways Fund expenditure. It includes the operations of the Maritime Division, which are focused on core boating safety, education and compliance, mooring and aquatic event management, marine pollution preparedness and response, commercial vessel survey and certification functions, and broader Roads and Maritime customer service ($39.8 million).

Journey management expenditure also includes functions delivered by Transport for NSW's Freight, Strategy and Planning Division ($7.6 million). This division delivers port safety management and marine pollution strategic capability and policy functions for NSW.

Asset maintenance

Roads and Maritime maintains maritime assets including property, wharves and navigation aids to benefit our customers and the users of the ferry network. In addition, there is the maintenance of the patrol vessel fleet, which is instrumental in the delivery of boating safety. The total investment in maintenance over 2015-16 was $13.5 million.

Enabling functions and property

Enabling functions support every part of the agency, including those connected to the property portfolio and information management and technology. In 2015-16 direct expenditure comprised:

Marine and boating grants

Roads and Maritime provides grants to support recreational boating infrastructure, safe navigation and volunteer marine rescue services. Grants paid in 2015-16 of $10.1 million included:

Roads and Maritime also collected a contribution on behalf of Marine Rescue NSW as part of boat licences and vessel registrations. In 2015-16 Roads and Maritime forwarded $6 million to the Ministry of Police and Emergency Services for the funding of Marine Rescue NSW.

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