Industry trends

Industry trends create opportunities to improve what we do for our customers

Government continuing to put customers first

Opportunity - build more granular measures of what customers value, use these to inform decisions.

Rising community expectations

Opportunity - become even more transparent and reliable, demonstrating respect for our community and environment.

Integration across the transport cluster

Opportunity - align plans across all parts of the NSW Government Transport cluster, work together to provide seamless journeys for customers across transport modes.

New transport technology

Opportunity - improve the utilisation of existing transport networks, including through intelligent transport systems.

Innovation in transport and mobility services

Opportunity - work with industry, supporting innovative services for transport customers.

Growing infrastructure investment

Opportunity - deliver on our investment program, supporting a growing population and a sustained, strong NSW economy.

A shift towards commercial ownership in the broader infrastructure sector

Opportunity - take best practice from commercial owners of infrastructure, in particular in efficient asset management.

New industrial technology

Opportunity - use new technologies to make our work safer and more productive, use data for informed asset management and operations.

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