Strategic Priority 1: Increase customer value

Delivering greater value to customers means better journeys on road and maritime networks – smoother, faster, more reliable


  • Measure what customers value, make decisions accordingly
  • Improve the quality of our core services
  • Improve value for money

What we will do


What it will result in

Improve customer and community insight

Develop a more informed view of what customers and the community value across NSW, acknowledging that different customers have different views

Use operational technology and data to develop customer and network insights

  • More granular insight into customers' use of our services, satisfaction levels and community needs

Prioritise for customer value

Embed measures of customer value into our business KPIs and decision making processes

  • Business KPIs and decision making processes more strongly linked to what customers value
  • Improved service quality – for example:
    • Smoother, faster and more reliable journeys on road and maritime networks
    • Simpler licence and registration transactions

Improve value for money though internal efficiency

Continue to increase efficiency across all parts of Roads and Maritime

  • Reduced unit costs for service delivery
  • Reduced ratio of corporate overhead to service delivery costs


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