Strategic Priority 4: Respect our community and the environment

Respect for our community means your priorities will be heard and reflected in our plans


  • Meet reasonable community expectations
  • Enhance our reputation and trust in the community
  • Reduce community complaints
  • Deliver compliance at least cost

What we will do


What it will result in

Engage the community

Consult more broadly across the community – both regional and urban

Be more open, transparent, and respectful of the diverse needs of the communities we affect

Reinforce the value of the work we do

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Improved community perception

  • Demonstrated consideration for communities and the environment

Implement reform of property acquisition

Reflect the intent of recent Government reform in property acquisition in our approach

  • Transparent and timely outcomes in property acquisition

Partner with local government

Work closely with councils and local members

Develop Roads and Maritime plans that are informed by and reflect local priorities

  • Plans and programs that reflect community priorities

Minimise environmental impacts

Balance the wider benefits against local impacts

  • Environmental standards are met


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