Strategic Priority 5: Deliver the Government's program

Delivering on our commitments means over $16.1b of investment across NSW by 2021, supporting sustained economic growth


  • Support sustained economic growth in NSW
  • Remain the trusted operator, investor, manager and regulator of NSW roads and waterways
  • Always deliver on commitments

What we will do


What it will result in

Deliver our program of network investments

Deliver $16.1b in investment to 2021, on the road network and in waterway infrastructure

  • More capacity and options for road users, in both Sydney and regional NSW, and increased access to NSW’s waterways

Deliver our regional investment program

Continue to invest in roads, bridges, and other related infrastructure across regional NSW

  • Improved access to safer roads in the regions, including a completed Pacific Highway

  • Safer, more reliable movement of freight

Improve the way we report on our activities

Ensure we can always provide an accurate, quick and reliable view of the status of our activities

  • More automated and reliable reporting

  • Reduced volume of reports

  • Reduced internal effort in reporting and analysis

Ensure delivery of project commitments

Set, track and ensure delivery of targets for every project

Communicate the value being delivered from projects to stakeholders

  • Better on time, on budget, to benefits performance

  • Better understanding in the community of the value being delivered

  • Consistent application of good project management practice


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