At our foundation

Capable people. Great culture. Strong values.

What we will do


What it will result in

Invest in our people capability

Develop our people and ensure their capabilities meet the future needs of Roads and Maritime

  • A customer‑focussed, commercially and technology‑aware workforce

  • Continued technical excellence

Establish more robust workforce planning

Improve how we attract, resource, mobilise, empower and retain talent within our workforce

  • More Roads and Maritime talent retained and deployed to priority activities

  • A more capable and engaged workforce

Support leadership and change

Develop our internal leaders to use data for informed decisions, prioritise for customer value, manage change, and lead teams

  • Roads and Maritime leaders who effectively and ethically lead their people, being agile and responsive to customer needs

Foster breadth of thought through a diverse and inclusive workforce

Continue to support and retain women in leadership, Aboriginal representation, flexibility, expanding our diversity networks and partnering with stakeholder groups and industry

  • An engaged, diverse workforce that is representative of the communities we work in

Innovation in technology

What we will do


What it will result in

Use operational technology to improve network outcomes

Further develop operational technologies and intelligent transport systems

  • Improved network efficiency and configuration decision making
  • Improved real time network operations

Use technology to improve business efficiency

Introduce IT that makes the job easier, automating manual processes and repeatable tasks; remove bespoke systems where not necessary

  • Internal systems that are more user-friendly, adaptable and efficient
  • Deployment of operating technology to support asset management

Improve information coordination and governance

Improve how we collect, manage and access data

  • Easier management and access to our information

Support the use of data to improve business decisions

Continue to improve how we use, analyse, and create reports from our information; implement data driven technology solutions

  • Faster, more accurate reporting
  • Insight that supports better decisions
  • Increased openness and transparency

Draw on industry expertise to modernise

Improve internal efficiency, enable a greater range of digital services, improve our data exchange with industry and partners

  • More cost effective, more reliable, and more user friendly systems
  • More efficient systems supporting our regulatory services

Implement security by design

Build secure technology systems and processes which will protect Roads and Maritime and customer information

  • Increased security for Roads and Maritime and our customers


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