Pacific Highway upgrade – Oxley Highway to Kundabung

Pacific Highway upgrade – Oxley Highway to Kundabung

2. 2017-18 DELIVERY PLAN

This Delivery Plan is structured around our customers, community, place and organisation focus areas. Due to the scale of our activities, the deliverables in this plan only represent a portion of the infrastructure and services Roads and Maritime will deliver in 2017–18. We remain transparent and accountable for reporting on our activities through the State Budget and Annual Report, and up to date information on major projects on the Roads and Maritime website.


Our customers – the people and businesses that directly benefit from our road and maritime networks and services – are at the centre of everything we do. Each day road and maritime networks enable millions of customer journeys and the transport of goods supports a productive economy. Our work, resources and decisions are directed towards safe, efficient and reliable journeys on our networks as contributors to customer satisfaction and quality of life.

Over the next decade an extra million customers in Sydney and 240,000 customers in regional NSW will add pressure to the existing road network through journeys and increased freight.

With this increase in population, our target is to ensure 90 per cent of journeys on key routes are on time. To achieve this, we will work to ease congestion and optimise the movement of people and goods. We will tightly manage the government’s once-in-a-generation investment in new infrastructure, including new motorways, to expand network capacity.

In addition, we will operate the existing network more efficiently through pinch points, clearways and new technologies. We will manage network disruptions due to maintenance or incidents and keep customers well informed so they can plan journeys to avoid or minimise delays. Further, we will continue to ensure consistent and timely engagement with industry, suppliers, professional services and delivery partners.

Customer safety remains a priority. Recent declines in road safety performance demand further action to reduce road fatalities and serious injuries by at least 30 per cent by 2021. In addition to delivering safer roads and waterways through infrastructure upgrades and maintenance, we will advance efforts on regulatory and education programs that target crash risks and boating safety, and promote safer vehicles, drivers and speeds. This includes action to reduce fatalities on regional and remote roads where around two thirds of road deaths occur.

In 2017–18 we are giving priority to:

  • planning, designing, building, maintaining and operating safe networks to meet customer needs and improve overall satisfaction
  • delivering regulatory services to promote and improve customer safety, focused on drivers, vehicles, heavy vehicles, commercial and recreational vessel operators
  • keeping customers informed about our activities (including our metropolitan and regional infrastructure upgrades), minimising network disruptions and enabling efficient reliable journeys
  • delivering value and demonstrating benefits as we further develop the Sydney, motorway regional and freight networks.

The deliverables that will be achieved in the 2017–18 financial year to meet the current and emerging needs of our customers are listed below.

Bridges for the Bush

Deliver the Bridges for the Bush Program including:

  • Award tender for Lignum Creek Bridge replacement IN PROGRESS
  • Complete timber truss bridge over Glennies Creek at Middle FalbrookIN PROGRESS
  • Award construction tender for upgrade works on Barrington BridgeIN PROGRESS

Great Western Highway and Bells Line of Road

Golden Highway

  • Complete detailed design for Ogilvies Hill climbing lanes on the Golden Highway IN PROGRESS
  • Complete construction of Heavy Vehicle parking bay at Willy Wally Road rest area on the Golden Highway IN PROGRESS
  • Commence construction of a new bridge at the causeway near the village of Uarbry, located east of the town of Dunedoo, on the Golden Highway COMPLETE
  • Complete upgrade of the Denman Road intersection at Denman on the Golden Highway IN PROGRESS
  • Complete upgrade of the Cobbora Road intersection at West Dubbo on the Golden Highway IN PROGRESS
  • Complete two heavy vehicle parking bays at Warkworth and Cassilis on the Golden Highway IN PROGRESS
  • Complete 16 kilometres of pavement rehabilitation works on the Golden Highway IN PROGRESS

Hunter Roads

Newell Highway

Woolgoolga to Ballina:

  • Complete the upgrade of the Pacific Highway from Arrawarra to Glenugie COMPLETE
  • Commence construction of the Glenugie to Maclean upgrade COMPLETE
  • Commence construction of the Maclean to Devils Pulpit upgrade COMPLETE
  • Commence construction of the Devils Pulpit to Broadwater upgrade COMPLETE
  • Commence construction of the Broadwater to Ballina upgrade COMPLETE

Princes Highway

Regulatory Services

Regional NSW Major Road Upgrades

Asset Maintenance

Deliver the Asset Maintenance Program including:

  • Continue to deliver the Sydney Harbour Bridge repainting project IN PROGRESS
  • Deliver the Delineation Maintenance Program by re-marking 15,000 kilometres of lines on the regional road network IN PROGRESS
  • Deliver the Pavement Resurfacing and Rehabilitation Programs IN PROGRESS

Aboriginal Programs:

Sydney Motorways

  • Bring a Final Business Case to Government for Sydney Gateway IN PROGRESS
  • Complete site investigation for the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link and assess design options and costings IN PROGRESS
  • Progress award of construction contract for on and off ramps on Belmore Road connecting to the M5 IN PROGRESS
  • Develop and implement new operational technology for a Motorway Management System (including software) in readiness for commencement of M4 Smart Motorway operations IN PROGRESS


  • Continue the mainline tunnel excavation for NorthConnex IN PROGRESS
  • Progress integration to the Hills M2 Motorway IN PROGRESS
  • Progress the in-fill works for the Hornsby Quarry IN PROGRESS


  • Progress concession award for the M4-M5 link and support progress in the sale of at least a 51 per cent stake in the Sydney Motorway Corporation IN PROGRESS
  • Complete site management works at Rozelle IN PROGRESS


The community includes residents of NSW, people and stakeholders affected by our work and operations. While we deliver an unprecedented program of more than 4,000 road and maritime projects across metropolitan and regional NSW for the long term benefit of our customers, we recognise our activities can affect the community through land acquisition, construction-related dust, noise and disruption.

Respectfully engaging communities including residents, businesses and local government during the planning, design and delivery of projects is an essential part of our work. We must take account of community and stakeholder input to minimise and mitigate the effects of our activities where possible on the community and the environment. We are also implementing a fairer, more transparent and personalised approach to land acquisition in line with Government reforms. We acknowledge our approach to community and stakeholder engagement ultimately influences the credibility, reputation and success of our organisation.

In 2017–18 we are giving priority to:

  • respectfully engaging communities at all stages of our work
  • embedding sustainability and minimising the environmental impact of our activities
  • maintaining the credibility and reputation of our organisation
  • collaborating across Government to support safe and secure special events.

The deliverables that will be achieved in the 2017–18 financial year to meet the current and emerging needs of our customers are listed below.

  • Complete pedestrian railway line overpass at Argyle Street, Moss Vale IN PROGRESS
  • Develop and deliver the Sydney Strategic Cycleway Network as part of the Priority Cycleways Program IN PROGRESS
  • Deliver the Active Transport Program in partnership with Councils IN PROGRESS
  • Deliver new traffic signal controlled intersections under the Pedestrian Protection Program IN PROGRESS

Boating Safety

  • Deliver major annual boat shows to the community to engage and influence a safe boating culture COMPLETE
  • Manage and deliver special aquatic events IN PROGRESS

Environmental Performance

  • Deliver a Sydney Harbour cleaning program to reduce the impacts of marine pollution, debris, and hazards to navigation by committing to cleaning Sydney Harbour 365 days of the year IN PROGRESS
  • Manage State and Roads and Maritime marine pollution response capability to protect the marine environment from the impacts of pollution IN PROGRESS
  • Develop inspection and maintenance framework for fauna connectivity structures IN PROGRESS
  • Facilitate whole-of-government position on tunnel air quality criteria for extended tunnel journeys IN PROGRESS
  • Publish Roads and Maritime's Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2018–2023 IN PROGRESS
  • Manage the Noise Abatement Program IN PROGRESS



The critical role the transport system plays in creating better places to live, work and visit is being increasingly recognised.

TfNSW is leading the integration of transport, infrastructure and land use planning in collaboration with the Department of Planning and Environment, the Greater Sydney Commission and Infrastructure NSW to meet the demands of population growth. We can support better places by improving the integration of road and maritime network planning with broader transport planning. Integrated transport planning enables the right transport investments in the right place at the right time to optimise movement of people and goods, liveability and productivity. As many customer and freight journeys require transport mode shifts, integrating road and maritime networks with the wider transport system better connects customers to the places they live, work and visit. Delivering projects to support growth centres and urban activation precincts contribute to NSW Government efforts to boost housing supply and affordability, while active transport projects contribute to liveability of places.

In 2017–18 we are giving priority to:

  • integrating our road and maritime network planning with broader land use and transport planning to support investment decision making
  • integrating networks with the broader transport system including major infrastructure projects in metropolitan and regional NSW
  • delivering projects to support growth centres and precinct activation and contribute to delivery of the Greater Sydney District Plans, including walking and cycling projects
  • delivering the Boating Now program and infrastructure as guided by regional boating plans.

The deliverables that will be achieved in the 2017–18 financial year to meet the current and emerging needs of our customers are listed below.

Network Planning and Integration

  • Provide technical guidance and support on the Future Transport Strategy, Sydney Regional Plans, District Plans and plans for Priority Growth Precincts IN PROGRESS
  • Progress planning on the Moorebank Intermodal Enabling Roads Package IN PROGRESS
  • Manage the network integration of the Sydney CBD Light Rail IN PROGRESS
  • Complete Nelson Bay Road Corridor Strategy COMPLETE


  • Develop a network connectivity plan to enable greater heavy vehicle access approvals by councils as road managers IN PROGRESS
  • Conduct an assessment of freight access to the network for wider access to five-axle 60 tonne cranes, Performance Based Standard vehicles, and over mass vehicles IN PROGRESS

Maritime Infrastructure

Sydney Metro Bus Priority Infrastructure

Easing Sydney’s Congestion

Western Sydney

Western Sydney Growth Roads:

Roads to support Western Sydney Airport development:


We are evolving as an agency to respond to our changing environment, deliver value through infrastructure and services that meet the needs of our customers, engage and respect the community, and help make better places across metropolitan and regional NSW. We are focused on further developing our people, processes, governance and technology.

In 2017–18 we are giving priority to:

  • ensuring a safe and healthy workplace
  • developing people, innovative technology, systems and processes to support delivery
  • informing, integrating and enabling TfNSW strategy, policy and plans
  • operating within our budgets and make the right network investments at the right time
  • building a diverse and inclusive organisation to better reflect the community
  • ensuring clear governance and accountability for decision making across the organisation.

The deliverables that will be achieved in the 2017–18 financial year to meet the current and emerging needs of our customers are listed below.

Business Management

  • Implement the Roads and Maritime People Plan to increase the diversity and skills of our employees IN PROGRESS
  • Implement the Transport Cluster Digital Roadmap and support the NSW Government's ICT (Digital) Strategy IN PROGRESS

Work Health and Safety

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