Roads and Maritime staff at 2017 NAIDOC week celebrations

Roads and Maritime staff at 2017 NAIDOC week celebrations


Roads and Maritime Services is a key delivery agency within the Transport cluster. Our purpose is to enable safe, efficient and reliable journeys on road and maritime networks to deliver on NSW Government priorities for the transport system. We do this by:

  • managing the road network and optimising travel times
  • providing capacity and maintenance solutions for road and maritime infrastructure
  • educating and licensing drivers and vessel operators, and registering and inspecting vehicles and vessels
  • improving road and maritime safety.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) sets the direction for the transport network across the state and works with public and private sector agencies to deliver improved transport outcomes and services for the people of NSW. Roads and Maritime integrates with TfNSW to deliver our strategy.

The services and programs we provide ensure we safely move people and goods via various transport modes, such as the road and freight network, NSW waterways, the public transport network, and active transport such as cycling and pedestrian networks. Our customers depend on the reliability of our transport networks and modes as it affects their lives and businesses.

Roads and Maritime also regulates road and maritime networks and users – our customers – to ensure compliance with legislation and community safety.


More than 18,000 kilometres of state roads including 4,000km of the National Land Transport Network. Around 3,000 kilometres of regional and local roads in the unincorporated area of NSW. 5,623 bridges. 24,084 commercial and private boat moorings and 3,873 maritime navigational aids. A Sydney road network that supports nearly 12 million journeys each day. 28 road tunnels. 4,121 traffic signals. 12,847 square-kilometres of navigable waterways and 2,137 kilometres of coastline. 49 commuter wharves.


500,000 licensed boat drivers and 225,000 vessels. 1.5 million E-Toll customers with 135 million trips annually. 5.4 million licenced car drivers and 6.5 million registered vehicles.


Hosting over 400 community events with over three million participating customers. Responding to over 17,000 customer queries. Reaching over 1.1 million customers via Facebook. Issuing over 2,000 media releases.


The NSW transport system is undergoing significant change with increasing and more complex customer demands, a growing population, record investment in infrastructure delivery, regulatory reform and major technology disruption.

Delivering on the NSW Government’s priorities for the transport system to help make NSW a better place to live, work and visit is central to our purpose as a government agency.

The State Priorities, State Infrastructure Strategy and Long Term Transport Master Plan set our overarching strategic direction. We contribute to State Priorities focused on building infrastructure, better services and safer communities, including:

  • building key infrastructure projects on time and on budget across the state
  • improving customer satisfaction with key government services
  • creating 150,000 new jobs by 2019
  • improving road travel reliability
  • reducing road fatalities.

As an operating agency in the Transport cluster, our activities are directly aligned to TfNSW’s strategic priorities and outcomes. We support the implementation of cluster-wide strategies, including the NSW Road Safety Strategy and the Freight and Ports Strategy.

Future Transport, a new 40-year vision for transport being developed by TfNSW, will refresh the long term transport planning framework and cluster-wide strategies and set a new strategic direction to inform our business and delivery planning beyond 2017–18.

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