Corporate publications

Roads and Maritime Services provides a wide range of publications describing our work and performance.

Annual reports

The Annual Report includes information on Roads and Maritime’s performance and achievements over the financial year.

Corporate strategy and delivery plans

The Strategy and Delivery Plan outlines the activities that will be delivered throughout the financial year to support our strategy. Together these show our objectives over the coming years and what will be delivered in the year ahead. A report is released quarterly to show progress against each of these deliverables.

Customer survey

The objective of the Customer Attributes and Citizen Expectation Survey is to listen to the voice of the citizen, customer and stakeholder to understand their awareness of services, levels and drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, expectations and needs, and segments and attributes.

Key roads performance reports

The Key Roads Performance Report gives the community a way to take greater control of how they use NSW roads. It allows people to plan their journey, showing how long it will take to travel some of the most commonly used routes during the morning and afternoon peak periods.

Performance reports

Reports on Roads and Maritime’s performance against various plans.

Trade and Investment Mission

Summary of a Trade and Investment Mission  of the Minister for Roads and Ports.

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