RMS Roads Report

The RMS Roads Report aims to provide meaningful information to help inform customer journeys in the Sydney and greater metropolitan area (covering Newcastle and Wollongong).

About the report

This report assists with Goal 7 in NSW 2021, which relates to improving travel time and specifically improving the efficiency of the road network during peak times on Sydney’s busiest road corridors.

The previous report known as the Key Roads Performance Report was developed in 2011 and provided quarterly updates in a PDF format.

The interactive RMS Roads Report allows you to set your own data analysis criteria such as: the date, time period, selection of weekday or weekend, traffic direction, road, suburb or local government area.

You are able to view and report on historical performance utilising colour coded maps, interactive charts and easily extractable data that can be downloaded in a usable format and printed.

Click to launch the Key Roads Performance Report interactive map
Click to launch the RMS Roads Report interactive map

What's new?

  • The RMS Roads Report is interactive. You can set your own journey criteria such as date, time, route and traffic direction
  • The number of routes has been extended and now covers 124 key routes across NSW
  • Extra data sources have been included in order to improve coverage and accuracy
  • Incidents and major events are described to help you understand a change in performance
  • Report is updated and refreshed weekly
  • Results can be downloaded as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.
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