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For Yearly Views and Monthly Views, the data format can be changed via the 3 radio buttons below the data area.
The first table below is a single row table of header items for the second table beneath it. The first table is used to sort the second by activating any of the cells in the first table.
These 3 radio buttons change the data format above.
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SELECT B.station_id, B.road_name, A.year, A.month, A.date, A.day_of_week, (CASE A.cardinal_direction_seq WHEN '1 ' THEN 'Northbound ' WHEN '5 ' THEN 'Southbound ' WHEN '3 ' THEN 'Eastbound ' WHEN '7 ' THEN 'Westbound ' END) AS direction, (CASE A.classification_seq WHEN '0 ' THEN 'All Vehicles ' WHEN '2 ' THEN 'Light Vehicles ' WHEN '3 ' THEN 'Heavy Vehicles ' END) AS classification, A.daily_total, A.hour_00, A.hour_01, A.hour_02, A.hour_03, A.hour_04, A.hour_05, A.hour_06, A.hour_07, A.hour_08, A.hour_09, A.hour_10, A.hour_11, A.hour_12, A.hour_13, A.hour_14, A.hour_15, A.hour_16, A.hour_17, A.hour_18, A.hour_19, A.hour_20, A.hour_21, A.hour_22, A.hour_23, A.public_holiday, A.school_holiday FROM ds_aadt_permanent_hourly_data AS A JOIN ds_aadt_reference AS B ON A.station_key = B.station_key ORDER BY B.station_id, A.year, A.month, A.date, A.cardinal_direction_seq, A.classification_seq