Clean Fleet program

Clean Fleet is an audited maintenance program designed to improve air quality by reducing diesel vehicle emissions. This initiative has been developed by Roads and Maritime Services as part of a continuing commitment to the environment.

The program is open to fleet owners and operators that want to contribute to improving air quality. They commit to maintaining their vehicles in a way which minimises emissions. By becoming a Clean Fleet participant your organisation can promote itself as being environmentally aware and responsible and could save you money.

A serious issue

Emissions from diesel exhausts are a major source of fine particle pollution and impact on the environment.

Diesel vehicles contribute 60 per cent of all particulate emissions from road transport, even though they only account for 8% of the total of all vehicles on our roads. (Office of Environment and Heritage)

What is required from Clean Fleet participants?

Clean Fleet participants need to comply with four emission management standards:

Standard 1 - Clean fuel. Fuel used by your diesel vehicles must be free of contamination and meet national fuel quality standards.

Standard 2 - Engine settings. Engines and emission control systems on your diesel vehicles must be set to the manufacturer's specifications, particularly fuel pumps and injection timing.

Standard 3 - Maintenance schedules and methods. Vehicles need to be maintained and serviced at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer, or to equivalent standards.

Standard 4 - Fault identification and repair. A method for identifying, recording, assessing and acting on reported faults must be in place.

Being clean saves money

Being clean is not only good for the environment, it's good for business.

Benefits include:

  • Less maintenance.
  • Fewer breakdowns.
  • Better fuel consumption.
  • Improved vehicle performance.
  • Improved vehicle reliability.
  • Improved vehicle resale value.
  • Less chance of a smoky vehicle fine.

For more information on how to join the Clean Fleet Program see the documents below or phone 1300 364 847.

Clean Fleet - Driving towards cleaner air

What you need to know to join Roads and Maritime Services' Clean Fleet Program

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