Tunnel air quality

Air quality management

Tunnel air quality is monitored 24 hours per day. It is managed by ventilating the tunnels with fresh air which dilutes the pollutants emitted from vehicles as they travel through the tunnels. Large fans push the air along the tunnels and expel the polluted air via the ventilation outlet(s). The height of the ventilation outlets and the speed at which it is expelled from the outlet ensures that the tunnel air is well dispersed. This prevents pollutants from accumulating at the ground around the ventilation outlets.

Air quality reporting

Roads and Maritime Services provides online streamed data and historical reports on air quality readings for Sydney's busiest road tunnel, the M5 East Tunnel.

Since opening in December 2001, the M5 East Tunnel has been operating within the ambient air quality goals set in the December 1997 Planning Minister's approval for the project.

Outside air (referred to as ambient air) quality readings for locations around the ventilation outlet can be found on the Roads and Maritime Services website. To view the current readings for nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and wind direction, click on the easy to use interactive map.

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