Women's Services pendentive - Hall of Memory, Australian War Memorial

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This Hall of Memory mosaic pendentive, in the Canberra memorial, features the women's services; depicted here dressed in a blouse and skirt, a generic uniform that could reference all the servicewomen.

The various branches of the services are symbolised by different badges in the lower right segment of the design. The figure steps forward through an open doorway, from which bursts a halo of winged light. She remembers the many sacrifices and disasters suffered by her sisters. One of which is symbolised above by the engulfing waves of the sea into which sinks the "sea-centaur", a symbol of the most infamous of wartime sea tragedies in which the hospital ship 'Centaur' was sunk with only one survivor.

The reference to missiles falling from above reiterates the danger faced by so many women in the services, victims of gunfire and bombing.

Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial.

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