Oral history of The Remembrance Driveway

The oral history of The Remembrance Driveway is based on 38 hours of digitally recorded interviews with 19 individuals - current and former members of the Remembrance Driveway Committee, local historians, landscape designers, and an eminent military historian who provides background information on the circumstances surrounding the gallant actions of each of the 24 VC recipients.

You can download the audio files in MP3 format at no charge from this page.


The opinions expressed in the oral history interviews are those of the individuals concerned and do not necessarily represent in whole or in part the position of Roads and Maritime Services.

Audio files - MP3 format

1. Introduction/Australia Ave/Margaret Davis/Blue Star Highways [6:28]

2. First Remembrance Driveway Committee/Royal Visit [5:59]

3. First plantings/Garden Clubs of Australia involvement [4:20]

4. Public participation/Southern Highlands plantations [4:46]

5. Sir Cecil Hoskins/Bank of NSW sponsorship [5:16]

6. Garden Clubs/Roads and Maritime Services sponsorship/maintenance challenges [3:51]

7. Changes in the route/by-passed groves [3:54]

9. Remembrance Park, ACT/VC winners dedications [5:47]

10. Remembering Partridge VC dedication/the Victoria Cross [3:39]

11. Maintenance problems/loss of trees/changing emphasis [5:41]

12. Public recognition/signs/future Committee role [2:52]

14. Future of Remembrance Driveway/Final comments [1:32]

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