Slope stabilisation work complete on Clyde Mountain

Thursday 11th September 2014

Roads and Maritime Services has completed slope stabilisation work on the Kings Highway between Pooh Bear Corner and the top of Clyde Mountain.
The Member for Monaro John Barilaro said work was carried out to improve motorists’ safety by reducing the risk of rock falls.

“The NSW Government provided $4.1 million for this work, as part of a $20 million commitment to improve safety on the Kings Highway,” Mr Barilaro said.

“The work was essential to ensure this important road remains a safe and reliable route which serves the community well into the future.

"Stage one work was carried out last year to remove vegetation and rocks and boulders from the slope to increase stability and prepare for the installation of more permanent protective measures.

"The second stage of work started in March and is now completed.

“This stage involved the installation of more robust fencing, rock bolts and netting to reduce the incidence of rock falls onto the road.

“The work carried out is expected to significantly reduce the risk of future landslides onto the road in this area.”

Around 1,700 tonnes of rock was removed, while more than 120 bolts of up to 10 metres in length were used.

“Other work included installing rock fall netting and repairs to the rock fall fences to stabilise the mountain,” Mr Barilaro said.

“In one area, the rock was too unstable to drill for rock bolts and was more than 40 metres above the road. 

“Rock blasting was necessary to shift the rock in manageable sizes and to expose better quality rock which was able to be bolted.

“Specialist rope trained contractors were engaged for the work with specialist geotechnical drillers used to install rock bolts in the higher areas of the slopes which could not be accessed with elevated work platforms or machinery mounted drill rigs.

“The drillers all completed specialised rope training.

“The project is part of Roads and Maritime’s commitment to delivering safe, efficient and high quality services and infrastructure to the community and businesses of NSW.”

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