Measures to improve boat trailer parking

4 August 2015

Minister for Local Government Paul Toole today announced new measures to crack down on boat trailers clogging suburban streets.

There are around 204,000 boat trailers currently registered in NSW. This number is forecast to increase by around 2.9 per cent per annum of the next decade.

Currently, a boat trailer can be parked for an indefinite period unless there are parking restrictions or reasonable grounds to believe the trailer has been left abandoned or left unattended. This applies whether or not the trailer is registered.

Under the changes introduced into NSW Parliament this week, boats left in the same place for more than three months will be impounded.

Mr Toole said boat trailers being parked in residential areas has been an ongoing source of frustration for residents in high density areas.

“Increasingly, boat owners are using street parking as a long term parking solution for their boats. This in turn has led to legitimate concerns about the loss of amenity.

“These new measures will allow council officers to specifically target boat trailers which have been parking for considerable periods of time and for which their councils have received complaints,” Mr Toole said.

The NSW Government has also set aside $5 million to assist local councils and other organisations establish off-street boat trailer parking facilities to help ease congestion.

MEDIA: Antonia Morrow, Minister Toole - 0419 468 235

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