Newell Highway becoming safer with two more overtaking lanes

Monday, 29 May 2017

TRAVELLING along the Newell Highway in the Moree Plains Shire is becoming even safer with the completion of another overtaking lane, at Wallon Creek, about 30 kilometres north of Moree.

Mr Marshall said the new southbound overtaking lane was funded by the State Government under Restart NSW, the first project delivered under the $500 million package for the Newell Highway from the government’s poles and wires funding.

“The Newell Highway is the longest highway in NSW and a critical freight and transport route for our region and the state,” Mr Marshall said.

“Work started in March this year to build this new 1.5 kilometre overtaking lane after the northbound overtaking lane at Wallon Creek was completed in December last year.

“This latest project brings the total number of new overtaking lanes built on the Newell Highway since April 2012 to 17 – six of which have been built in Moree Plains Shire.

“The total length of these overtaking lanes is 25.5 kilometres and these new passing opportunities will make it easier for trucks and cars to share the road and reduce the occurrence of unsafe overtaking manoeuvres.”

Mr Marshall said overtaking lanes improved travel time and level of service for motorists by reducing driver frustration and unsafe behaviour.

“Many of these new overtaking lanes are in the north of the state, where there is a large volume of heavy vehicles using the highway to move freight between Queensland and Victoria and regional centres in western NSW,” Mr Marshall said.

“More lanes will be added as part of the $80 million reconstruction of a 28-kilometre section of the Newell Highway, south of Boggabilla to Mungle Back Creek, which will get underway soon.”

Recently completed overtaking lanes are providing passing opportunities for motorists in Moree Plains Shire at:

  • Southbound at Gurley South, 38km south of Moree – completed October 2012;
  • Northbound at Gurley North, 34km south of Moree – completed December 2012;
  • Northbound at Girrahween, 79km north of Moree – completed May 2014;
  • Southbound at Girrahween, 79km north of Moree – completed May 2014;
  • Northbound at Wallon Creek, 28km north of Moree – completed December 2016;
  • Southbound at Wallon Creek, 30km north of Moree – completed May 2017.

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