Sealing under the wheels on Buckrabendinni Road

14 December 2017

Member for Oxley, Melinda Pavey MP, has announced the NSW Government will contribute $131,000 to extend the seal of Lower Buckrabendinni Road by 3.45 kilometres.

“The road provides access to two earth moving contractors, a large vegetable grower, farm stay accommodation, timber harvesting business and a dairy farm,” Mrs Pavey said.

Sealing of the road will be partially funded under a new State Government Program, Sealing County Roads.

The initiative aims to improve safety, reliability and access on selected local roads in regional NSW by bitumen-sealing current unsealed sections.

“The State’s delivery of $131,000 as part of the Sealing Country Roads Program is a major win for the local community.

“Lower Buckrabendinni Road residents have been advocates for this project and will contribute a third of the total cost of the $390,000 project, as will Nambucca Shire Council.”

Nambucca Shire Council General Manager, Michael Coulter, applauds the partnership approach.

“The best outcomes achieved by government often involve a partnership and in this regard the Council must applaud the financial contribution being provided by its residents as well as that from the State Government via our Local Member,” Mr Coulter said.

In addition to improving the quality of the road, the sealing project will complement the NSW Government’s intent to assist business create more jobs.

“Extending the seal of the road by 3.45 kilometres will improve primary industry operations and reduce freight movement impacts.”

Mrs Pavey also congratulated Nambucca Shire Council for its facilitation of the project.

“Council investigated the scope of the project and the detailed assessment found extending the road seal to the intersection of Deer Hill Road was favourable given the economic output of businesses along the road.”

Nambucca Shire Council will carry out the work in 2018.

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