First eight kilometres sealed on $4 million Cobb Highway at Fairmount South of Wilcannia

9 April 2018

Member for Barwon, Kevin Humphries has announced that work to seal a further 14.7 kilometres of the Cobb Highway is progressing well with sealing work on the first eight kilometres of the project to be completed this week.

“The NSW Government started work in January on the $4 million project at Fairmount and Teryawynia, south of Wilcannia on the Cobb Highway. This is part of a larger $60 million package to seal the Cobb and Silver City highways in the state’s west.

“Eight kilometres of the project length will be sealed this week after completion of earth work to widen and strengthen the road.

“As part of the earth work, the shoulders of the road were widened, shaped with a grader and then watered, rolled and compacted to obtain a suitable width of the road.

“A mobile crushing plant is located on site and is processing the rocky material, obtained from the site, into gravel for use in road work. This is then applied to the eight kilometre length to form a strong base for the road with the road seal then applied on top.

“The project has an average of 20 staff working at any given time – a combination of Roads and Maritime Services employees and contractors, all of whom are required to camp close to the work site due to the isolated location.

“Next steps will involve earth work and sealing the final 6.7 kilometres of the project length which will be completed by mid-June, weather permitting. Work will then start to seal a further two kilometres of the Cobb Highway, 103 kilometres north of Ivanhoe” Kevin Humphries said.

Kevin Humphries said  that since 2015, the NSW Government has been progressively sealing and upgrading the Cobb and Silver City highways.

“This work is part of a $60 million commitment from Restart NSW, Western NSW Freight Productivity Program and state maintenance funding to seal around 76 kilometres of previously unsealed road, to increase access for freight and motorists and ensuring the highways are safer and less impacted by wet weather,” Kevin Humphries said.

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