Oakeshott deluded on Pacific Highway

6 March 2013

Oakeshott deluded on Pacific Highway

Rob Oakeshott’s latest bleatings about funding for the Pacific Highway shows he’s completely deluded about the Federal Government’s commitment to the project.

Roads Minister Duncan Gay said Mr Oakeshotts’ latest rant revealed his total ignorance of the funding levels Prime Minister Julia Gillard had offered, to complete the Pacific Highway.

“The Independent Member for Lyne claims the Federal Government last year allocated $3.56 billion towards the highway upgrade, but this is not what they are actually offering,” Mr Gay said.

“If the Member for Lyne had bothered to do even the slightest bit of research he would know the Federal Government has now cut its contribution to just 20 per cent of what is needed to finish the upgrade,” he said.

The Federal Government is now prepared to offer only $1.54 billion, which equates to just 20 per cent of the total funding required.

Over the past two years the Federal Government has rapidly cut its contribution from 80 per cent to 50 per cent and then in a further blow to the project cut it back to the 20 per cent it now is offering.

“Instead of playing politics and trying to protect his seat in Parliament, Mr Oakeshott, if he was genuinely interested in completing the Pacific Highway, would demand the Federal Government honour the agreement it had with the previous NSW Government and stump up 80 per cent of the funding required to complete the project.”

“Mr Oakeshott, as one of the people who propelled Labor into Government, should be on the phone to Minister Albanese urging him to keep the same agreement he established with the previous State Labor Government.”

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Oakeshott deluded on Pacific Highway. 

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