Westconnex supporting works

20 September 2013

Westconnex supporting works for Parramatta and Sydney Olympic Park

Roads and Ports Minister Duncan Gay today announced a $50 million package of WestConnex ‘supporting works’ to improve access for M4 motorists into and out of Parramatta and Sydney Olympic Park.

Minister Gay said three projects will target key areas to give motorists more choice and easier access to the M4 corridor:

  • New eastbound access to Westmead and Parramatta at Bridge Road from the M4 (near Coleman Street);
  • New westbound access from Parramatta at Church Street to the M4; and
  • New eastbound access at Hill Road from Sydney Olympic Park to the M4.

“We’ve listened to a range of suggestions from the community and local government and examined a range of options. These three projects will help ensure motorists have better access to this important corridor,” Minister Gay said.

“Motorists will have new access from Parramatta to the west at Church Street, avoiding five sets of traffic lights and a new exit ramp from the west at Bridge Road, avoiding four sets of traffic lights.

“These are important elements that also provide the beginning of the Western Sydney Ring Road project which was identified in the State Infrastructure  Strategy and is supported by local communities.

“The third WestConnex ‘supporting work’ will transform the journey home for sport and event goers from Sydney Olympic Park.

“By creating new eastbound access at Hill Road from Sydney Olympic Park, sports fans who attend blockbuster events will have access to two eastbound connections as they leave the stadium.
“This connection will be a win for the communities of Newington and Wentworth Point. “Separate to the 10,000 jobs to be created during the construction of the WestConnex
motorway, these road improvements will provide a great boost for jobs in Western Sydney,”
Minister Gay said.

The Member for Parramatta Geoff Lee said almost 300,000 jobs are located along this corridor with a further 93,000 jobs expected to be added over the next 20 years.

“Companies now will have real options about where to locate their businesses because Sydney’s second CBD at Parramatta will be easier to access for employees,” Mr Lee said.

“Parramatta is in the heart of Sydney and these improvements will make access to the region easier for workers, job seekers and businesses, ensuring Western Sydney becomes a more attractive place to work and invest.

“We have separately announced a $200 million urban revitalisation package to transform Parramatta Road into a more attractive place to live and work, as part of WestConnex.

“This package includes improvements to urban amenity, including planting new trees, removal of unsightly power poles and wires, greater use of underground cabling and footpath widening.

“WestConnex will mean those suburbs either side of Parramatta Road will come alive with new investment, housing, cafes, restaurants and businesses,” Mr Lee said.

Almost 600,000 people live in the corridor between Penrith and Sydney’s CBD and another 130,000 are likely to join them over the next 20 years.

Stage 1 of WestConnex extends over 13.5 km and involves the creation of four lanes each way on the M4 east of Parramatta to Homebush Bay Drive, and an extension of the M4 via twin three lane tunnels to Parramatta Road and City West Link at Haberfield.

Stage 1 will begin in 2015 and be completed by 2019 at a cost of about $3.5 billion.

Key benefits of the Motorway:

  • 52 sets of traffic lights will be bypassed;
  • 40 minutes will be saved on a typical trip from Parramatta to Sydney Airport;
  • 10 kilometres of bus lanes will be created on Parramatta Road, almost halving travel times from the inner-west to the city;
  • 3,000 trucks a day will be taken off Parramatta Road and put in tunnels;
  • 10,000 construction jobs will be created, including hundreds of apprenticeships for young people from western Sydney;
  • More than $20 billion in economic benefits to NSW;
  • An average toll of $3.00 ($2013) will be introduced for the M4 widening, making it amongst the cheapest road tolls in Sydney; and
  • More reliable trips will be created for people businesses and freight.

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Westconnex supporting works for Parramatta and Sydney Olympic Park 

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