Pacific Highway on track for 2020

15 December 2013

Pacific Highway on track for 2020

Minister for Roads Duncan Gay has thanked the state opposition for reminding communities along the Pacific Highway of the delays to the upgrade caused by the former federal Labor government’s funding failures.

“Both the NSW and Australian Governments share the goal of completing the Pacific Highway upgrade by 2020,” he said.

“There have been no cuts to funding for NSW highway projects by the current Australian Government.”

Minister Gay said both governments are now working together to get on with the job of upgrading the highway as quickly as possible.

“Thanks to Walt for the early Christmas present of reminding everyone that planning for some Pacific Highway upgrades was held up by the failure of the former federal Labor government to deliver on its promise to fund 80% of the upgrade,” he said.

“In fact, Labor committed just 20% of the funding needed, which meant some projects couldn’t move forward.

“The Abbott Truss Government has now restored 80% federal funding, which means we can achieve the 2020 completion date.”

The delayed projects are now being progressed.

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