Illawarra roads funding at historic high

Illawarra roads funding at historic high

26 March 2014              

Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay and Minister for Illawarra John Ajaka today announced historic levels of funding for building new roads and bridges in the Illawarra.  

“In 2013-14, the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government has committed nearly $157 million to build new roads and bridges in the Illawarra – the largest funding allocation of its kind in the Illawarra’s history,” Minister Gay said.  

“On top of this record allocation for new works is more than $46 million to maintain and repair existing state and council roads and bridges and a further $2.9 million to maintain traffic systems in the Illawarra; making a total commitment of $206 million this financial year.”  

Since March 2011, the NSW Government has spent and allocated more than $363 million towards building new roads and bridges in the Illawarra – a massive 70 per cent increase in funding compared to NSW Labor’s spend in their last three financial years in office.

The record funding in 2013-14 includes $115 million towards continuing road works on the Princes Highway Gerringong Upgrade between Mount Pleasant and Toolijooa Road and $2.9 million to upgrade and repair the bridge over the Shoalhaven River at Nowra.  

Roads and bridges funding for the Illawarra (both state & council) since 2010-11

Financial Year

New roads and bridges

($ millions)

Road asset maintenance

($ millions)

Traffic systems maintenance

($ millions)


($ millions)

NSW Coalition

2013-14 (budget)





NSW Coalition

2012-13 (actual spend)





NSW Coalition

2011-12 (actual spend)





NSW Labor

2010-11 (actual spend)





Minister Ajaka said historic funding levels for roads and bridges in the Illawarra are a direct flow-on effect of the O’Farrell-Stoner Government in its first three budgets delivering more than $15 billion for new capital works and ongoing roads and bridges maintenance across NSW.  

“The NSW Coalition is a ‘country mile’ ahead of Labor’s dismal track record for funding roads and bridges in the Illawarra. For example, in 2009-10 and 2010-11 Labor spent a paltry $11.8 million on the Gerringong Upgrade, in contrast, the NSW Coalition has spent and allocated $234 million since March 2011. 

“People must never forget how NSW Labor neglected and mismanaged the infrastructure needs of the people and businesses of the Illawarra,” he said.  

Media: Lance Northey 0467 743 192 (Gay) or Vanessa Rofe 0419 618 081 (Ajaka)

View the original media release (PDF).

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