Smarter trucks on critical infrastructure projects

9 May 2016

The NSW Government has announced it would remove up to 1,000 truck trips from NSW roads each week by encouraging ‘smarter, safer and cleaner’ trucks to deliver its unprecedented urban infrastructure build.

The Safety, Productivity & Environment Construction Transport Scheme (SPECTS) provides better productivity by trucks carrying up to 20 per cent more product in return for meeting increased safety and environmental standards.

The scheme aligns with the NSW Government’s bold five-year road infrastructure boom, which next year will see the state delivering more construction activity than Victoria, ACT, SA and Queensland combined.

Thousands of eligible trucks include those moving more than 14 million tonnes of spoil from government road projects alone next year – plus those transporting construction material such as bitumen and concrete. The scheme applies to government projects and all other construction projects across Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle.

Reduced truck movements translates to estimated productivity gains of up to $100,000 per truck per year, providing flow on cost savings across major construction projects such as Bringelly Road, NorthConnex, Werrington Arterial Road and the New M5 as part of WestConnex.

Minister for Roads Duncan Gay said the scheme is a sensible solution to ensuring the essential use of trucks is managed "smart” when delivering critical infrastructure now and into the future.

"The NSW Government's infrastructure boost is creating jobs and business growth - providing confidence in the market to upgrade to safer modern trucking fleets,” Mr Gay said.

"Trucks in the scheme will look and feel the same but deliver greater productivity - it means fewer but safer trucks doing the same job with fewer emissions and fewer break downs.”

Safety and environmental standards include the latest engine design to reduce emissions, the latest safety features such as enhanced automated stability control and the latest technology with approved truck satellite tracking.

Chair of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Bruce Baird welcomed NSW efforts to deliver safer trucking and wanted to see similar initiatives rolled out nationwide.

“This supports our efforts to deliver reforms which encourage more modern, high-tech vehicles with extra safety features which reduce the impact on infrastructure and boost safety for all road users,” Mr Baird said.

“As chair of the National Regulator I want to encourage initiatives which lead to modern, safer, higher productivity vehicles across the country.”

Developed in consultation with the trucking industry, the scheme will roll out from 1 July 2016 providing time for operators to determine what upgrades are required for their fleet.

MEDIA: Nina Stevens | Minister Gay | 0438 401 475

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