Decision made on highway upgrade route from Tyndale to Maclean

22 August 2011

A decision has been made to proceed with the alternative route proposed for the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade between Tyndale and Maclean.

“The decision has been made after carefully considering community feedback received about the previous preferred route and this new alternative,” a Roads and Traffic Authority spokesperson said.

“The new route will be included in the environmental assessment for the Woolgoolga to Ballina project.

“The original route ran along the eastern edge of the south arm of the Clarence River for its entire length, except where it crossed Shark Creek, where the alignment was further east from the mouth of the river.

“The alternative route deviates from the original route immediately north of the proposed Tyndale Interchange. It runs parallel to the south arm of Shark Creek, but is between 600 and 1,200 metres to the east of the eastern bank.

“It runs almost directly north-south for most of its length, cutting through Green Hill just after crossing Shark Creek. The road will then return to the previously announced preferred route near the proposed Maclean interchange,” the spokesperson said.

Planning and consultation has shown the new route will have a number of benefits compared to the original route identified in 2006.

“Overall the alternative route minimises the impact of the road on higher quality sugar cane land,” the spokesperson said.

“The new route will also be easier to build because it avoids stability issues associated with the original route’s location next to the river.

“The new route will deliver safety, traffic and economic benefits and provide more flexibility in planning the Maclean interchange, along with rest areas and service centres,” the spokesperson said.

The Tyndale to Maclean Decision Report is now available on the Roads and Traffic Authority’s Pacific Highway upgrade website at - follow links to the Woolgoolga to Ballina project homepage.

“Consultation on the entire Woolgoolga to Ballina upgrade, including the new Tyndale to Maclean route, will now enter the next phase and the Roads and Traffic Authority encourages community members to remain involved in process of planning this important project,” the spokesperson said.

“The Woolgoolga to Ballina project is the final two-lane section of the Pacific Highway between Hexham near Newcastle and the Queensland border being prepared for expansion to a four-lane divided road, which makes it a significant project for NSW.”

For more information visit the Roads and Traffic Authority Pacific Highway upgrade website at or phone the toll-free project information line on 1800 778 900.

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