Tidal flow scheme on Spit Road between Awaba Street and Ourimbah Road ready

7 September 2011

The tidal flow scheme on Spit Road between Awaba Street and Ourimbah Road will start operating on 19 September.

“The completion of the tidal flow will be good news for commuters because it will improve traffic flow and citybound travel times during the morning peak,” a Roads and Traffic Authority spokesperson said.

“Spit and Military roads carry up to 78,000 vehicles per day, most often travelling between the northern beaches, Mosman and the city.

“The route is also used by buses to transport around 60,000 passengers every week day.”

The tidal flow will provide an extra southbound lane on Spit Road, ensuring three exclusive southbound lanes during the morning peak. This is in addition to the two right turning lanes into Ourimbah Road.

The tidal flow scheme between Awaba Street and Ourimbah Road is part of a management plan to improve traffic flow along Spit and Military roads.

During the operation of the tidal flow there will be changed traffic conditions on weekdays from 6am to 10am. Motorists are urged to observe the new signs and road markings and drive with extra caution until they are familiar with the new traffic environment.

Motorists are advised a clearway will be established on Spit Road northbound between Ourimbah Road and Awaba Street to prepare for the operation of the new tidal flow traffic system from Monday 12 September.

Road users must not stop or park along this section of road while the clearway is operating.


  • motorists will have to merge from three lanes to two lanes on the approach to Ourimbah Road. Specifically motorists in the kerb side lane will need to merge right
  • there will only be two northbound lanes between Ourimbah Road and Awaba Street between 6am and 10am while the tidal flow is operating. A clearway will be in force at this location during this time


  • the right turn bay into Ourimbah Road will be extended
  • there will be two designated right turn lanes into Ourimbah Road. However when the tidal flow is not operating there will only be one dedicated right turn lane as well as one shared lane which is both a right turn and through lane
  • there will be three dedicated southbound through lanes during the tidal flow operation. The kerb side lane will remain a transit lane between 6am and10am
  • the existing clearway and transit lane will remain operating between 6am and 10am

Out of Ourimbah Road

  • during the operation of the tidal flow, motorists turning left out of Ourimbah Road will be have to enter the kerb side and middle lanes.

For more information about changes to traffic conditions contact the Transport Management Centre on 132 701 or visit the Live Traffic website at www.livetrafficnsw.com.au

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