Speed limit changes in the Fairfield Local Government Area

16 September 2011

The reduced speed limits are expected to improve road safety and provide consistent 50 km/h speed limits in residential areas.

The decision to lower the speed limits was taken after a review and are expected to provide significant road safety benefits to residents and local road users in the Carramar area.

The review of these roads was part of the NSW audit of speed zones.

The following roads within the Fairfield LGA have been assessed as local residential roads and will be signposted at 50 km/h.

  • Mitchell Street and Ruby Street
  • Bland Street
  • Gordon Street
  • Crown and Normandy streets
  • Mandarin Street
  • Tangerine Street
  • Wattle Avenue
  • Villawood Road
  • Waterside Crescent
  • Quest Avenue

These speed limits are in line with the 50 km/h default urban speed limit which applies on local residential roads across NSW.

Electronic message signs will be located around this area to warn motorists of the speed limit changes from next week before new speed limit signs are installed.

These message signs will remain in place for at least a week after the new speed signs have been installed.

For more information on road safety visit the Roads and Traffic Authority website

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