Boaters warned of dangers: SnowyRiver water changes

29 September 2011

Kayakers and canoeists are warned to avoid the Snowy River for much of October when water flow will be greatly increased, making river conditions dangerous.

NSW Maritime Regional Manager South Coast Craig Whitmore said beginning 6 October, approximately 88,000 megalitres of water will be released from Lake Jindabyne into the Snowy River and its tributaries over approximately 19 days, dependent on weather conditions, in a joint operation by Snowy Hydro and NSW Office of Water.

“People in small craft, especially kayakers and canoeists, should not be attempting to use the Snowy River during this time and are urged to confirm flow rates have been reduced before venturing out. In particular, there is a risk of localised flash flooding,” Mr Whitmore said.

“The combination of fast flowing water and any combination of debris, such as floating trees, could be disastrous to people in small craft.”

Mr Whitmore said the water release would be the largest since the dam was constructed, with the low-lying township of Dalgety most likely to be affected by the increased water levels.

“Causeways and other infrastructure will likely go under water. Some camp sites are predicted to be effected, along with sheds on some properties that may have been built on the water line,” Mr Whitmore said.

Preliminary modelling predicts that the river will rise between 1.8m and 3.6m from its current level during the course of the water release.

For information on the expected inundation zone for the spring Snowy River flows please visit the NSW Office of Water website at:

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