Boaters: take care on the Richmond River this Saturday

6 October 2011

NSW Maritime has issued an exclusive use aquatic licence for an area of the Richmond River in Woodburn this Saturday 8 October for an aquatic display and fireworks.

NSW Maritime Regional Manager North Coast James Green said that on the Richmond River, from Woodburn Rd Bridge downstream for approximately 600 metres, between 10am and 10pm on Saturday, an exclusive area would apply.

“The area will be marked by buoys and monitored by control vessels. A fireworks display will be held from the Woodburn Rd Bridge at 9pm and extra caution is advised for that time,” Mr Green said.

“No unauthorised vessels are permitted to enter the exclusive use area unless authorised by event organisers, a NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officer or a Police Officer.”

“However, there will be a transit zone from the North Woodburn Boat Ramp where a control vessel operator will be able to authorise local vessels to transit the area. If permission is granted, vessels may transit the area but they must do so at less than 4 knots, produce no wash, and follow all instructions given.”

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