Boaters: take care at Seelands on the Clarence River this weekend

6 October 2011

NSW Maritime has issued an exclusive use aquatic licence for the Seelands area of the Clarence River this weekend for a wakeboard competition.

NSW Maritime Regional Manager North Coast James Green said that the event is to be held at Seelands on the Clarence River, adjacent to the Big River Holiday Park and Ski Lodge, between 8am and 5pm, on Saturday 8 October and Sunday 9 October.

“An exclusive area will apply for use only by authorised vessels and the area will be monitored by control vessels,” Mr Green said.

“No unauthorised vessels are permitted to enter the exclusive use area unless authorised by event organisers, a NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officer or a Police Officer.”

“However, between competition events and at the discretion of the organiser, provision has been made for transiting vessels to transit the area. Organisers will authorise local vessel traffic to transit the area but those doing so must do so at a safe speed and comply with any directions given.”

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