M5 East Kingsgrove Road Ramps

12 October 2011

The Roads and Traffic Authority today announced maintenance work would start shortly on Kingsgrove Road on and off ramps for the M5 East freeway.

“Work will start on Friday 21 October to resurface the ramps and carry out drainage repair work," a Roads and Traffic Authorityspokesperson said.

“To reduce the impact on motorists who use the M5 East on and off ramps at this location, the work will take place during the weekend from 9pm Friday to 5am Monday, weather permitting.

“During this time the ramps will be closed and motorists will need to use an alternative route. The M5 East will still be accessible from King Georges Road.

“This work will improve the road surface condition for motorists who use these ramps.

“The work has been scheduled for outside peak periods to reduce the impact on motorist,” the spokesperson said.

If needed, work will also be carried out the following weekend to complete the project.

Motorists are advised to follow all signs and plan ahead to avoid delays.

There will be some noise associated with this work, but every effort will be made to minimise the impact on residents.

For more information, contact the Transport Management Centre on 132 701 or log on to Live Traffic at www.livetraffic.com

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