Boaters reminded of danger: Snowy River water changes

14 October 2011

Boating on the Snowy River should continue to be avoided with the staged release of water into the river now in its second week, NSW Maritime Acting Regional Manager South Coast Wayne Langshaw said.

Mr Langshaw said kayaking and canoeing on the Snowy River and its tributaries would be particularly dangerous during the water release from the Jindabyne Dam, which is scheduled to continue for most of October and see the water level rise by up to 3.6m.

“Kayaking and canoeing is not recommended on the Snowy River until well after the staged release has been completed and water levels have subsided,” he said.

“There are larger flows still to come and along with this is the risk of localised flooding. Floating debris could pose extreme risks to those travelling in small craft.”

Mr Langshaw said low level areas, especially around the Dalgety area, have already become inundated.

Approximately 88,000 megalitres of water is being released from Jindabyne Dam into the Snowy River in a joint operation by Snowy Hydro and NSW Office of Water.

For information on the expected inundation zone for the spring Snowy River flows please visit the NSW Office of Water website at:

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