Media contacts for Roads and Maritime Services

8 November 2011

Media representatives are encouraged to direct all inquiries about roads or maritime to the newly created Roads and Maritime Services agency.

The new agency, proclaimed on 1 November, combines services from the former RTA and Maritime Authority of NSW.

Roads and Maritime Services has a focus on service delivery, concentrating on the key tasks of building and maintaining road infrastructure and the day-to-day compliance and safety for roads and waterways.

Roads and Maritime Services also has a key focus on the delivery of licence and registration services, regulating users of roads and waterways, managing compliance issues, providing critical input into innovative safety initiatives, the provision and maintenance of infrastructure, and provision of frontline services and web-based information for customers.

For media issues relating to roads please call 8588 5999 and for maritime issues please call 9364 2428.

For issues about traffic incidents across the network contact the Transport Management Centre on 8396 7942 or visit

To find out more about Roads and Maritime Services visit

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