Heavy vehicles operators urged not to drink and drive

15 November 2011

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is asking heavy vehicle operators to consider the consequences of drink driving for the safety of all road users.

It comes after a man was charged with high-range drink driving after RMS inspectors noticed he allegedly appeared under the influence of alcohol during a routine compliance check at Marulan Heavy Vehicle Inspection Station.

RMS inspectors also found the man was not in possession of a work diary and the vehicle had a number of defects.

“Due to the size and mass of heavy vehicles, it is especially important heavy vehicle drivers are able to drive professionally and are not affected by alcohol or other drugs,” an RMS spokesperson said.

“Drink driving is dangerous at anytime, but to get behind the wheel of a fully-laden heavy vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is a lethal combination.

“I’d urge all heavy vehicle operators to be responsible and think about the consequences of drink driving.

“Everyone deserves to get home safely and all road users need to take responsibility for their actions.”

Around 12.40am on Monday 11 November, RMS inspectors were conducting a routine inspection of a heavy vehicle at Marulan when the driver appeared to be affected by alcohol.

In the interests of road safety, police were called to the scene and carried out a roadside breath test which produced a positive reading.

The 40 year-old man from Harden was arrested and taken to Goulburn Police Station where a breath analysis allegedly returned a prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) of 0.157.

The man has been charged with high-range PCA and is due to appear at Young Local Court on 6 December 2011.

RMS also issued a work diary breach to the man. All heavy vehicle drivers in NSW are required to use a work diary to record work and rest time if they travel more than 100km from their base to address driver fatigue.

The heavy vehicle was issued with one major and two minor defect notices.

More information about heavy vehicle regulations.

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