VSCCS provides one stop shop for modified vehicles

19 December 2011

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has announced a new scheme which aims to streamline the assessment of modified vehicles.

“The new Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) comes into effect from today and is good news for RMS customers as it will provide them with certainty their modified vehicle is safe,” Director Regulatory Services Peter Wells said.

“The new scheme does not change the existing vehicle standards but improves the way vehicle modifications are checked and certified,” he said. 

“Every modified vehicle owner has an obligation to ensure their vehicle complies in order to protect themselves, their passengers and other road users.”

“The VSCCS will replace the current Engineering Certification Scheme. The old scheme is outdated and paper based, leaving it open to fraudulent certifications and missing records,” he said.

Several prosecutions have taken place involving fraudulent certifications. Under the old scheme, some examiners also did not have the appropriate insurances in place, putting customers and the public at risk.

“Up to 30 per cent of examiners previously were uninsured or under insured.  The VCSSC will end this problem,” Mr Wells said.

“The new scheme will improve consumer protection, vehicle safety and provide greater certainty for all parties.”

Under the VSCCS RMS will license qualified and skilled people to inspect modified vehicles. If a modified vehicle complies, the VSCCS certifier will provide a certificate which confirms the modifications meet standards.

“It will mean customers can be assured their vehicle is being certified by a person who has the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience to do the job, is backed by professional indemnity and public liability insurances and retains accurate records of the certified vehicle.

“Anyone wanting to become a licensed certifier will be subject to background checks by RMS and regular auditing to ensure high standards of professional service and to minimise fraud.”

The VSCCS will also save time for the customer and provide greater convenience.

“For example, under the VSCCS certifiers will send the results of their inspection direct to RMS. This means customers no longer need to visit a motor registry to present their certificate or have their vehicle inspected by an authorised inspection station, unless it is unregistered,” Mr Wells said.

“The important thing to note is the rules around modifications are not changing.  Consumers will simply have better protection and greater clarity around modification guidelines.

“RMS will ensure there is clear information available to vehicle operators about the steps they need to take to have their vehicle certified and when they need to have it inspected.

“RMS is working to publish the list of modifications requiring certification and will soon be calling for comment to help finalise a draft list of important modifications which should be subject to mandatory inspection,” he said.

NSW Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay has accepted an invitation from the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs to attend the inaugural Motor Enthusiast Conference at the Eastern Creek International Raceway on Sunday 26 February 2012.

The Minister is keen to hear how the state government and its agencies can better work with and support motor enthusiasts in NSW in the future.

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