Live travel time info now on M4

28 December 2011

Live travel time information has been launched on the M4 providing motorists with current travel times along the route.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said providing live travel time information keeps motorists aware of traffic conditions and allows them to plan their journey.

“The M4 travel time service is now available at selected electronic message signs along the motorway,” the spokesperson said.

“The service will be particularly useful during the summer school holidays to help families get to their destination and make journeys as hassle free as possible.

“There are now 143 kilometres of key corridors covered by travel time technology, with the M4 joining the M7 and F3,” the spokesperson said.

Live travel time information will initially be displayed on eight electronic message signs along the 40 kilometre M4 motorway. Additional signs will start displaying travel times during January once testing of each new site has been completed.

Nine new signs have been installed along the motorway as part of the travel time service for motorists.

The travel time technology on the M4 motorway uses in-road loops which detect average vehicle speeds every minute to estimate the travel time for sections of the motorway.

During incidents, electronic message signs will provide information about the incident or traffic conditions. Special event messages will also be displayed on the signs to help motorists.

Live travel time technology was launched on the F3 in 2010 and was then introduced to the M7 in September 2011.

Motorists can also get up-to-date traffic information by calling the Transport Management Centre on 132 701 or visiting

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