RMS warning to rogue transport operators

24 February 2012

In the wake of Operation Marshall, Roads and Maritime Services Director of Regulatory Services Peter Wells today commented on heavy vehicle transport industry compliance, particularly in regard to modifying speed limiters and chain of responsibility legislation.

“The majority of the Lennons Transport Services fleet was found to have illegal modifications to on board speed limiters, designed to allow the vehicles to exceed the 100km/h heavy vehicle speed limit,” he said.

“A number of the vehicles also had ‘speed wheels’ fitted, another illegal modification which prevents excessive speeding being detected.

“If you or someone you know owns or drives a heavy vehicle with such a modification, now is the time to return it to manufacturers specifications.”

Mr Wells is clear about the consequences to any owner or driver whose heavy vehicle is found to have this modification installed.

“It will instantly put you and your vehicle under the spotlight. We will examine your vehicle very closely and carefully look for evidence of any other modifications or defects.”

“There is no legal reason to have modified a speed limiter.”

Mr Wells said Operation Marshall signalled the start of a broader chain of responsibility investigation into Lennons Transport Services and its supply chain partners.

“NSW road transport laws include chain of responsibility provisions which require all parties in the supply chain to take steps to stop breaches of mass, loading, dimension, driver fatigue and speeding laws.

“If a person in the chain does not take reasonable steps to prevent offences under these laws, they can be found guilty of an offence, not just the driver.”

Despite the strong warnings, Mr Wells says it is important to remember the majority of heavy vehicle transport industry members are responsible and work to ensure their business operations comply with the law.

“Most owners and drivers do the right thing, this behaviour is limited to a rogue element of the industry,” he said.

“To these law-breakers who are putting lives at risk by not following safe work practices the message is clear – RMS and NSW Police are working together - you will be caught and face serious criminal charges.”

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