Industry to benefit from reviewed route assessment guideline

1 March 2012

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is seeking feedback from road transport industry and other stakeholders on the revised Route Assessment Guidelines for restricted access vehicles, which aims to improve road safety and provide greater productivity.

“The Route Assessment Guideline was last revised in 2002 and provides RMS, councils and industry members with procedures and technical guidelines to determine access to new freight routes,” an RMS spokesperson said.

“Since then a number of new heavy vehicle combinations have needed access to NSW roads, including vehicles operating at higher mass limits, AB and B-triples and vehicles classed as ‘innovative’ by the national performance based standards scheme.

“The guideline has now been revised to include these new types of heavy vehicles. “The guideline also has a number of other changes aimed at increasing efficiency, including streamlining the procedure for assessing routes for RMS and local councils.”

The spokesperson said minimising red tape involved in assessing routes is an important part of helping the road transport industry carry out its important work, while maintaining road safety and continuing to ensure NSW roads, bridges and highways are protected.

“Australia spends more per capita on road freight transport than any other country. NSW roads carry about 67 billion tonne-kilometres of freight each year, which is around one third of freight nationally and is worth around $6 billion annually,” the spokesperson said.

“Road transport will continue to be a dominant transport method for freight in Australia into the future, mainly due to the large distances between cities, production centres and ports.

“Greatest productivity for the industry is achieved when the same vehicle can carry a load from the source to the destination. Removing the need to stop and reconfigure the load for delivery decreases transport times, reduces costs, improves safety

“The revised guideline will help productivity in this important industry, while focussing on road safety.

“RMS is encouraging all stakeholders to provide feedback on the draft guideline, which are available online at”

Interested parties are invited to provide feedback on the new draft guidelines by close of business on 26 March 2012 by mail to RAV Guidelines, RMS Freight Branch, Locked Bag 928, North Sydney or by email to

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