New mass rules for road trains

29 June 2012

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is reminding the heavy vehicle industry changes to NSW road train mass rules come into force from Sunday.

“The changes which were announced in May aim to improve the productivity of the state’s road transport industry,” RMS Acting Director of Customer and Compliance Peter Wells said.

“From July 1, type one and type two road train combinations incorporating tri-axle converter dollies fitted with certified road friendly suspension will be able to operate on each appropriate road train network west of the Newell Highway at up to total combination mass limits of:


General Mass Limits (GML)

Concessional Mass Limits (CML)

Higher Mass Limits (HML)

RT Type 1

  82.5 tonne

  84.5 tonne

90.5 tonne

RT Type 2

122.5 tonne

124.5 tonne

not available

“The new mass limits will bring NSW into line with Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

“Previously road trains using tri-axle converter dollies were allowed the total combination mass limit of 79 tonnes for type one road trains and 115.5 tonnes for type two road trains, which are equivalent to the mass limits for road trains operating with tandem axle dollies.

“These mass limits had effectively capped the mass limit of the tri-axle dolly at a tandem weight of 16.5 tonnes instead of 20 tonnes reducing industry productivity.

“Under the new mass policy the eligible tri-axle dolly in a road train combination is able to carry the full tri-axle group weights of 20 tonnes at GML, 21 tonnes at CML and 22.5 tonnes at HML.

“The Class 2 Road Train Notice 2012 enables GML operation of both type one and type two combinations incorporating tri-axle dollies fitted with certified road friendly suspension.

“The Notice also covers the GML operation of type one and type two combinations operating without tri-axle dollies.

“A copy of the notice will be available on the RMS website from 1 July.

“To operate at CML operators must also comply with the all conditions set out in the Class 3 Concessional Mass Limits Notice 2010 which includes enrolment in the Mass Module of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme.

“Operators wanting to access HML will need to enrol in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) and be issued with an IAP/HML permit. The usual HML operating conditions will apply.

“Existing HML road train permit holders can contact RMS Intelligent Access Unit in Glen Innes for a new HML permit,” Mr Wells said.

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