More education needed for some blue water boaters

1 March 2013

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Acting General Manager Boating Operations Scott Kidd today announced the largest number of fines issued to boaters during RMS’ recent Operation Blue Water were for insufficient safety equipment such as flares.

In total, 628 vessels were randomly checked during the operation which ran from 11 to 24 February.

“A total of 33 penalty notices and 26 formal warnings were issued with 11 penalty notices issued for not carrying the required safety equipment for boating offshore,” Mr Kidd said.

“There were seven fines issued during the campaign for not wearing lifejackets when legally required to do so and six fines issued for not carrying sufficient lifejackets for the number of people on board.

“Boating Safety Officers also found several people boating offshore in the Sydney region had difficulties putting on a lifejacket when asked to do so.

“It is crucial everyone on board a boat knows how to quickly and easily put on a lifejacket.

“A lifejacket cannot save your life unless you are wearing one.

“Overall there was a 90.6 per cent compliance rate which tells us most boaters are doing the right thing,” Mr Kidd said.

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