Windsor Bridge submissions report online

7 May 2013

Windsor Bridge submissions report online

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) today announced the Windsor Bridge replacement project submissions report has been published on the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DP&I) website as part of the environmental assessment process for the project.

“RMS responded to the more than 100 submissions from the community and government agencies during the exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in 2012 as part of the planning for the Windsor Bridge replacement project,” an RMS spokesperson said.

“When DP&I provided RMS with the submissions accepted during the EIS process, RMS began preparing a report to respond to these issues, including outlining proposed changes to the design.

“RMS examined each submission individually to understand and accurately report community concerns. 

“DP&I published the submissions report online on Tuesday 7 May at

“The submissions report includes a preferred infrastructure report (PIR) which assesses a number of design changes proposed to minimise environmental impacts and address issues raised in submissions including:

Increasing clearance above The Terrace to allow large coaches to directly access Windsor Wharf.

Changing the location of bridge supports.

Consideration of noise mitigation at additional properties, including heritage properties.

“DP&I will use the report to complete its assessment, after considering issues raised by the community and government agencies and RMS responses to these issues, as well as outcomes of any additional investigations. 

“The Director-General of the Department will then make a recommendation to the Minister for Planning & Infrastructure and suggest any conditions of approval that should apply.

“For further information on the Windsor Bridge replacement project please visit,” the spokesperson said.

Contact:     Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit:  8588 5999

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