Gutsy inspector saves man from burning car

22 October 2013

Gutsy Roads and Maritime inspector saves man from burning car on Hume

Two brave and quick thinking Roads and Maritime Services heavy vehicle inspectors saved a man from a burning wreck last month after a car crashed on the Hume Highway about 25 kilometres west of Yass.

The Roads and Maritime officers had just finished inspecting a heavy vehicle beside the highway when they witnessed a car careering down the highway, crash through the roadside guardrail and flip just 50 metres away from their location.

The valiant inspectors knew the crash was serious and rushed to the scene to help the occupants.

With a fire burning in the engine bay, one of the Roads and Maritime inspectors rushed back to their vehicle to get a fire extinguisher.

The inspector then quickly extinguished the fire which was already starting to spread to the surrounding bush land and grass.

It would only have been a matter of time before the flames engulfed the whole car.

The inspector worked hard to free the driver who was trapped while the second Roads and Maritime inspector called emergency services.

After some persistence, the inspector managed to break the passenger front window and help the driver escape from the wreckage.

Shortly after, emergency services arrived and praised the fast work of the inspectors.

The driver’s fate may have been very different if not for the courageous actions and quick thinking of the inspectors.

The flames may have engulfed the whole car, and unable to get out, the driver could have been badly burnt.

The uninjured single male occupant was treated by emergency services and was very grateful to the inspectors for rescuing him.

Contact: Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit:  8588 5999

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