Changed boating conditions on Murray River at Moama

12 November 2013

Boaters are advised to keep clear of the main navigable waters of the Murray River in the Deep Creek Marina area at Moama this Saturday while the Barrie Beehag water ski classic is under way.

Roads and Maritime Services has granted an exclusive use aquatic licence for the safe staging of the event between about 500 metres upstream of the 1662 kilometre river marker to the Torrumbarry Weir on Saturday between 6am and 6pm.

Boaters are advised the exclusive use area will be marked by inflatable buoys.

The area will be monitored by control vessels.

Vessels not involved in the event should not enter the exclusive use area unless authorised by a boating safety officer or a police officer to ensure safety.

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CONTACT: Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit: 8588 5999

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