Plans progress to reduce congestion in the North West Growth Centre

13 JULY 2015

Community members are invited to view the latest consultation report on plans to reduce traffic congestion in the Riverstone town centre and broader North West Growth Centre (NWGC).

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said significant planning is under way now to improve the road network in the North West Growth Centre, an area which is expected to expand by about 200,000 residents in the next 20–30 years, nearly equivalent to the population of Wollongong.

“Roads and Maritime Services thanks the community for their feedback to the North West Growth Centre Road Network Strategy displayed between November 2014 and February this year,” the spokesperson said.

“More than 90 people took the time to attend the four community information sessions and 23 more took the time to review the strategy and provide their feedback.

“The proposed upgrades are being planned to reduce congestion and provide alternative crossings of the Richmond rail line in the short to long-term.

“Grade separated crossings of the Richmond rail line would be developed to improve traffic flow as part of the plan including across Bandon Road at Vineyard, Garfield Road at Riverstone, Schofields Road at Schofields and Burdekin Road at Quakers Hill.

“Roads and Maritime will continue to work with key stakeholders on the short term work to improve traffic flow in Riverstone, access to Westminster Street bridge, plan for the Bandon Road underpass with a new road connection between Richmond and Windsor roads.

“Work is also continuing on the Schofields Road upgrade between Windsor and Richmond roads.

“Planning would also continue for the upgrade of Garfield Road between Richmond and Windsor roads and grade separated rail crossing on the Garfield Road corridor at Riverstone when around 75 per cent of the NWGC is developed.”

“The community is invited to view feedback to issues raised during consultation in the North West Growth Centre Road Network Strategy Submissions Report online at

“Further consultation is expected to start on short term projects in the second half of this year,” the spokesperson said.

For further information or to join the mailing list, residents can contact the project team on 1300 367 561, email or view the project web page.

CONTACT: Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit: 8588 5999

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